Maureen Bertram is a Professional Accountant (CPA/CMA) who started her career in Montreal. She enjoyed a very successful financial career path across numerous industry segments. However, her passion has always been about little children - she has always known that working with these little treasures would be part of her world.

In 2015 she created that opportunity in Markham. She acquired a daycare business with an additional dimension, where there were 3 children with special needs who attended the center. After some time operating the full-service daycare, she realized her heart was with the children with special needs and decided to focus her efforts there.

In November 2016 she ended regular daycare services while continuing with therapy for special needs. With the help of behavioural science professionals, she has grown the therapy business, feeling great about focusing on children that need extra support. Maureen is a firm believer that with proper therapy any child can achieve their highest potential.