Social Skills & Camps

Social Skills

In our Social Skills program our client’s will be taken on an adventure each week in our stat-of-the-art “Super Hero’s in Training” Classroom! In our program we will be learning how to defeat the Team of Unthinkables and become “Superflex” the Super Hero! Our team of expert therapists will be teaching self-regulation skills using the Zones of Regulation program. Each 3 hour session will include social opportunities with new friends, arts and crafts, group games, and cooperation activities. The small ratio’s will allow each child to be supported when required to reach Super Hero status in no time! Each session will be logged and data will allow our team to determine the progress your child has been making. Weekly logs and homework will be provided for families.


When school is out we like to offer camp opportunities for all of our students. All our camps provide a fun mix of activities that are customized to every camper’s needs and preferences. Our camps provide an opportunity to learn social skills and peer relationships while we participate in group games, gross motor activities and arts & crafts all in a fun and supportive environment.

Please contact us to enroll in our next March Break Camp, Summer Camp, Winter Break Camp and PA Day Camp.