School Support

At Little Treasures we support families in their communication and coordination with the school their child attends. We provide consultation services to your child’s teaching team by attending meetings, observing your child in their classroom and/or providing modeling of the interactions that we have with your child to ensure seamless transitions between school and therapy.

School processes can be very confusing to navigate. By pairing with our team, you will receive support prior to and during Individual Review Placement Committee (IPRC) meetings. Additionally, when you share your child’s Report Cards and Individual Education Plan’s (IEP) with our team, we will make recommendations to ensure your child is as successful as possible in their school placements. Coordinating your child’s treatment and school programs is a difficult job, at Little Treasures we can support your child’s success in both environments.

With our extensive services and programs, Little Treasures understands the importance of reinforcing classroom learning both at home and in social settings. We work collaboratively with you to build behavioural and learning tools that transition seamlessly between school and away from school.